Mitchell F. Chan

Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility Series 0 no. 17 to be auctioned on OpenSea on August 30, 2021. To mark the 4 year anniversary of the project.


Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility

2017. Non-fungible token conceptual art project and 33-page essay.

LeWitt Generator Generator

2021. Generative artwork created on the Art Blocks platform.


2021. Public Sculpture.

JMW Turner's The Slave Ship

2016. Sculpture.

Add Inches To Your Wang!!!

2018. Exhibition of Sculptures.

I have exhibited innovative new media installations and exhibited across North America since 2006. Many of them are about changing human sensibility in the age of technology. Some are about the ways that art's commodity form leaks into its expressive power. You can see most of my older gallery work at my old website. I'll migrate all those old projects over here eventually. I also founded a company called Studio F Minus to create large public art projects. You can see them here.